METEORA ‘stone forest", are included in the wonders of the world list and since 1988 Meteora are on the UNESCO World Heritage sites.
A place that can be described as:magical, mystical, breathtaking, inspiring, impressive and is really a must visit site in Greece.

ΜETEORA is a cluster of huge vertical rocks .Studies shows that formed about 60 million years ago.After formations due to geological transformation and earthquakes today present a very interesting and unique shape. Ancient Greeks thought that mythical creatures who were part of the army of Zeus threw rocks from the Olympus Mountain during the battle against the Titans.

The wild and inaccessible landscape was the right place for the Christian monks who settled in the area in order to be protected . The maximum number of monasteries were 24 but today only six of them are open to public. The first monks climbed the cliffs using scaffolding that supported on beams stuck in holes in the rocks.For many centuries, the monks used scaffolds for getting supplies. Today the most operating monasteries can be reached by car.
In the 14th century, Saint Athanasios established the Holy Monastery of the ,Transfiguration of Jesus and named this huge rock Meteoro, which means” hanged from nowhere”. This monastery is also known as the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoron.Meteora is second most important monastic community in Greece, after Mount Athos.

The city of KALAMBAKA is built on the roots of the rocks of Meteora and the left bank of the river Penios and is the nearest town for a visit to the monasteries and walk around the area.




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