Symi is located in the Southern Dodecanese.Is a tiny beautiful island only an hour ferry ride from Rhodes, famous for its picturesque architecture and the relaxing atmosphere. Yialos is the main harbour. Chorio, ‘the village', is the top town famous for its picturesque architecture with brown and yellow houses constructed on the slopes of a hill offering a fantastic view to the sea. Lovely villages and beaches are found in short distance from the port, ideal for hiking. No trip to Symi would be complete without a visit to the wonderful monastery of Taxiarchis Archangel Michail.
Panormitis Village 12 km south of Symi is one of the most significant locations of the island as here is the Monastery of Archangel Micheal Panormitis. The 18th century Venetian style monastery has an impressive miraculous silver icon of the Archangel, which is the protector saint of the island.
Pedi is a small traditional fishing village with a small pebbled and fine soft sand beach . The village is quite peaceful with some excellent fish taverns.
The village of Nimborios is ideal for spending a relaxing day,on the beach, and provides green scenery. It can be easily accessed on foot or by car from the town.
Beaches in Simi are actually small coves .Some beaches are organized with tourist facilities, like taverns, bars, umbrellas and sunbeds, like Nos, Emporios and Pedi. The rest of Simi beaches are secluded and ideal for privacy.
The Festival of Symi is an important institution since 1995. It gives the opportunity to locals and visitors to enjoy concerts of classical and modern Greek music, dance performances, cinema screenings and painting of Greek and foreign artists.

Try mini shrimps? (Garidaki Symiako) from the island.Traditionally, the Symi shrimp are eaten whole as they have very tasty soft-shell crab. A unique delicacy of the island.




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