Elafonisos is a tiny Greek island 6.5 km (4.0 mi) οf Neapoli Pelopponese.Even if it has change from the increase of tourism during the last years Elafonisos has always magnificent turquoise clear waters.Sarakiniko beach (the big one as local name it ) and Frangos beach (the small one) are famous beaches next to the popular beach of Simos.

If you prefer isolation a 2 klm white sand beach next to the famous and busy ones gives you the opportunity of tranquility.If the whether is windy in that part of the island try Lefki beach protected by the nothern summer winds.

Adventure and nature lovers may also have a 20 min walk from the beach to Simos cave with a breathtaking view on the island beaches.

We strongly recommend to try fresh fish from local fishermen served in the tavernas of Elafonisos.



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